Outside the Bachs

Outside The Bachs helps musicians build successful, full-time private lesson studios with a predictable student enrollment process.


Get more private lesson music students without:

running paid ads

taking a course on your own

a ton of trial & error

Build a full-time private music studio by thinking Outside the Bachs with:

custom advice & coaching

networking & community

application of a proven system

Don't Take Our Word For It

How Samantha built a full-time private flute studio while completing her Master’s program.
How Chaz added 14 new clarinet students in the past 5 months.
How Michelle & James Confidently Scaled Their Multi-Teacher Studio with Consistent Lead Generation.
How Lyndi Restructured Her Studio To Attract Ideal Students.
How Nicky restructured her private voice studio to create a flexible schedule with stable revenue.
How Alek left his school teaching and grew his studio from 0 to $4100/mo in 90 days.
How Karyn tripled her studio revenue and enrollment in 6 months.
How Hannah created predictability in her marketing to 3x her lesson studio.
How Homero built his international online studio to create a more sustainable schedule.
How Shaun doubled his studio enrollment and tripled his income in 2.5 months.
How Kim built a studio from scratch to $3.5k in monthly revenue in just 5 months.
How Max was able to leave three jobs and create a full-time studio in 6 months.
How Mandy added 17 summer lesson students in 7 weeks.
How Miriam established confidence and collected $7k of new revenue in 90 days.
How Megan created $30k of teaching revenue in 6 months.
How Tina grew her private studio to replace her income from her teaching job in just 6 weeks.
How Ashley created a predictable income to 3x her business revenue in three months.
How Kristi built referral partnerships that tripled her studio enrollment in only 5 weeks.
How Becky doubled her studio revenue in 3 months to become fully self-employed.
How Dan created 5 referral partnerships to grow his private studio in just 6 weeks.

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