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A proven system to launch and grow your private music lesson studio:

- A profitable lesson package

- A predictable source of students

- A repeatable enrollment process

Outside the Bachs helps musicians build successful, full-time private lesson studios with a predictable student enrollment process.

Get more private lesson music students without:

❌ running paid ads

❌ taking a course on your own

❌ a ton of trial & error

Build a full-time private music studio by thinking

"Outside the Bachs" with:

✅ custom advice & coaching

✅ networking & community

✅ application of a proven system

How Samantha built a full-time private flute studio while completing her Master’s program.

In this interview, Samantha details how she built a thriving private lesson studio to $3k per month in consistent revenue while completing the final year of her graduate degree.

How Chaz added 14 new clarinet students in the past 5 months.

In the past 5 months Chaz has:
- Created referral partnerships with schools in his local area
- Restructured his scheduling & tuition policies
- Implemented automation to reduce his admin time
- Added 14 new clarinet students
- Increased his rates by ~30%

How Nicky restructured her private voice studio to create a flexible schedule with stable revenue.

When Nicky reached out to us 6 months ago, she had a really clear vision for what an ideal studio could be. As a composer, lyricist and performer, Nicky needed time in her schedule for musical theatre writing and production. She had several students, but the schedule was inconsistent and revenue could swing $1k between months. Her goal was to create a stable income, while building flexibility into her scheduling to allow for other creative projects.

In the past six months, she has made massive changes to her studio structure.
- Monthly flat rate tuition has created the stability that she needed in her revenue, and has encouraged consistency with her students.
- She is attracting more ideal students than ever before, and she has removed stress from studio operations.
- Hourly lesson rates were successfully increased 20% or more.
- A weekly schedule of 17 hours now provides $6200/mo in total lesson revenue.

How Alek left his school teaching and grew his studio from 0 to $4100/mo in 90 days.

In exactly 90 days Alek was able to:
- Start his private music teaching business from scratch
- Enroll 22 students
- Create $4100 of recurring monthly revenue
- Leave his full time school music teaching job and part time community music school position
- Move to a 12 hour work week
- Collect $7k in new revenue
- Build 8 weeks of flexibility into his annual calendar

How Karyn tripled her studio revenue and enrollment in 6 months.

In the past three months Karyn was able to :
- Grow monthly studio revenue by 3x
- Provide instruction to roughly 50 students through lessons, workshops, camps, and group classes
- Create stability in her studio enrollment and income
- Build confidence and organization in her business
- Teach students around the world through online lessons

How Hannah created predictability in her marketing to 3x her lesson studio.

In the past 4.5 months Hannah has:
- Doubled her studio enrollment
- Tripled her recurring monthly revenue
- Created organization in her business structure
- Built stability in her income and flexibility in her schedule

How Ashley created a predictable income to 3x her business revenue in three months.

In three months Ashley:
- Used existing connections with students, and new connections with schools to build a strong pipeline of new students
- Organized her business and created automated systems, so she can spend more time on teaching and less time on admin work
- Looks to add more teachers to her studio to help teach the newly added students

How Kristi built referral partnerships that tripled her studio enrollment in only 5 weeks.

In just five weeks Kristi was able to:
- Add 2 new oboe students
- Start a new preschool music program with 7 students enrolled

How Becky doubled her studio revenue in 3 months to become fully self-employed.

In less than three months, Becky was able to:
- Create an asynchronous lesson program
- Pre-register 5 students before the launch date

How Homero built his international online studio to create a more sustainable schedule.

Last year, Homero decided it was time to build a private studio. His first move was to hire a local agency that helped him run ads. He was excited that those ads enrolled a few students in his area, but was still looking for an opportunity to increase his rates. Those students weren't willing to pay what Homero hoped to make.Homero knew that an online studio that served students outside his local area could be the perfect solution - but the ads weren't working abroad. Through organic outreach targeted towards his ideal student, Homero has increased his monthly studio revenue from $1000 USD to $4500 USD over the past 8 months and has scaled back his academy teaching job significantly.

How Shaun doubled his studio enrollment and tripled his income in 2.5 months.

Shaun was able to:
- Step away from his administrative  role at a music school
- Build a wait list to keep the studio full
- Spend more time with family and less time stressing

How Kim built a studio from scratch to $3.5k in monthly revenue in just 5 months.

Kim was able to:
- Build a studio from 0 students to 17
- Increase her hourly teaching rate by 150%
- Become fully self-employed

How Miriam established confidence and collected $7k of new revenue in 90 days.

Three months ago, Miriam felt like she had hit a plateau. She was teaching 7 days a week, racking up the miles driving to each student's home, and struggling to make ends meet. With twenty students in the studio she wasn't even bringing in $2000 per month. Too many students were cancelling and her and her income was too inconsistent to pay the bills. Miriam knew she needed a change, but had no idea how to make that happen. When she reached out looking for advice, she was just hoping to find a few daytime students to increase her revenue. Just 90 days later, Miriam has completely changed her private lesson business and her life. Her studio consistently generates over $3500 more every single month (3x more than before), she almost doubled her studio enrollment to 37 students, and still managed to reduce her work week to 6 days per week.

How Max was able to leave three jobs and create a full-time studio in 6 months.

In the past 6 months, Max was able to:
- Add 23 new students to his studio and 12 hours/week of teaching
- Refocus on his ideal student to ensure his studio is sustainable
- Grow his monthly revenue by $3k
- Stop teaching for a big chain music school
- Leave three part-time jobs
- Reduce his work week from 6 days to 3 days per week
- Find flexibility and freedom in his own teaching business
- Create space for his personal goals and practice

How Mandy added 17 summer lesson students in 7 weeks.

In the7 weeks, Mandy has:
- registered 17 new students
- including 9 students for her new group lesson program
-6 students pre-registered in her asynchronous lesson program
-launched new programs in her studio
-found balance between her work life and personal life and the mindset needed to build a thriving music studio

How Megan created $30k of teaching revenue in 6 months.

In 6 months, Megan:
-Created $30k of teaching revenue:
-Added $3500/mo in revenue
-Went from 5 jobs to 2
-Has 16 weeks of flexibility in her calendar year

How Tina grew her private studio to replace her income from her teaching job in just 6 weeks.

When she first started, Tina wasn't sure how she was going to get her first private student. Now she's building a new private studio.

"I'm a different teacher."
-Tina, Alama Piano Studio

How Dan created 5 referral partnerships to grow his private studio in just 6 weeks.

What piqued my interest was such a clear framework of what would be what needed to be done it wasn't to brainstorm a lot of things and hope for the was these are these steps that will lead to developing a studio and not just for tomorrow or next month.

-Dan, Private Studio Owner

How Bob overcame quarantine and the switch to virtual lessons to retain all of his music students.

If you decide to give lessons, especially for a living, you're gonna experience a lot of reinventing the wheel and trial and error and see what works. Find somebody like Kelly that's going to shorten the learning curve and cut away all the waste and get you from A to B to keep your students and grow your students.

-Robert, Drumming by Bob

Outside the Bachs - Kelly Riordan - Building Full-time Private Music Studios

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