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For individual private lesson teachers who are at self-directed pace with their studio.
Enrollment ends Nov. 30


For studio owners who value accountability, direct access to Kelly & customized support.
Our flagship program.


Custom programs for multi-teacher studios & conservatories.

Growing a music lesson studio is difficult.

We make it much easier, fun and social!

Most musicians approach starting to teach private lessons through trial and error. They try to figure out everything needed to have a successful, full-time studio, all by themselves.

We approach starting up private music studios like practicing for a recital - when you follow the steps and use the right techniques, you feel a lot more prepared.

When it comes to landing those first private students, a lot of music studio owners are being pulled into a thousand different directions and they wonder if they should be blogging, creating a brand new website, sending spammy DMs or running paid ads online.

Teaching music lessons doesn't have to just be about:

  • Struggling to collect tuition

  • Waiting for a reply from past band directors from high school

  • Social media posts resulting in no new student signups

  • Being scared to answer complicated emails from the parents of a student

This feeling of uncertainty is so common for musician because the vast majority of us didn't learn the business of private lessons in school.

We've already done the work when we re-started a private lesson studio from scratch in 2019. Our roster went from 0 students to 43 students in 2.5 months. When friends and colleagues started asking for help with their studio enrollment in the middle of a pandemic economy, the Outside The Bachs system was born.

Now it has been applied to 300+ private studios of various instruments and geographic locations. Instead of spending a massive budget and countless hours on figuring out what works and what doesn't, you can simply plug into our program and start attracting new students to your studio.

These are the three pillars of what we provide for private music teachers that are looking to start, grow or scale their business. "Copy and paste" the student acquisition formula that full-time private music studios use to grow their businesses.

Many musicians are multi-passionate and want to be auditioning, performing, taking gigs, recording or teaching - imagine having a private studio full of ideal students that you can lean on financially while you explore all of the *creative passion things*.

Whether you are a multi-teacher studio looking for on-site support with our "Suite" program, a self-paced studio owner fit for our "Solo" program, or a private studio looking to "Scale" with our flagship program, there is a program for you regardless of where you are at with your music lesson studio. Starting a private music lesson business can be overwhelming for many musicians. With the Outside The Bachs system, we take the guesswork out of marketing and enrollment, with a proven formula that has helped 300+ private studios attract more students.

Get more private lesson music students without:

running paid ads

taking a course on your own

a ton of trial & error

Grow a full-time private music studio by thinking Outside the Bachs with:

custom advice & coaching

networking & community

application of a proven system

Build at your own pace:

Solo: self-paced

Scale: accountabilty & intensive

Suite: custom on-site support

A private music lesson business isn't just about making money, it's about having the financial freedom to explore your creative passions. We believe that it's possible to have a thriving music studio and still have time to pursue other interests. Our system allows teachers to lean on their studio financially, giving them the time and space to pursue other passions.

Whether you're just starting out or looking to grow your private music lesson business, Outside The Bachs has the system to help. With our proven formula for attracting students, developing profitable lesson packages, and simplifying enrollment, you can feel confident in growing your music studio to its full potential.

Why spend a ton of money, time and energy testing things that might work, when you can "copy & paste" what has worked for 300+ private studio startups?

Get support and get clarity on ALL of your studio questions.
Post your update and get feedback from the community.
Bring your concerns to a live video call meetup.

You will master by the end of this program:

Profitable Lesson Package
Tuition & Rates
Identifying Ideal Student
In-Person/Virtual Models

Predictable Source of Students
Marketing Set Up
Organic Outreach
Social Media Overview

Repeatable Enrollment Process
Policies & Contracts
Trial Lessons & Consultations
Long-Term Enrollment/Retention

Business Administration & Mindset
Goal Setting & Creating Success
Tools For Efficiency & Automation
Billing & Payment

Outside The Bachs will transform your private music studio, regardless of where you are at in your progress.
It's officially open for enrollment!

If you told me last February that in just over a year I’d have my own private studio, an in person teaching space for my business, AND a new car that I paid for all by myself I wouldn’t have believed you. BUT HERE I AM!! Thank you to all of you and especially Kelly Riordan for this incredible journey and for all your support. I’m so excited to continue growing, and it’s still insane to think about how this group helped me start up my studio from 0 to 27+ students.

Company name
Dec 16, 2022

This figure [7k/mo] was something I never thought I would hit. I now have 15 people on the waitlist. I lost 3 students late last month, I had 4 new inquiries come in. I learned how to talk to people who won't pay my rate. I don't fret if I lose someone because I now know what I need to do. I am still pinching myself daily that this is what I can bring in.


I am so excited to be having my dream come true! Being able to have international reach, to guide and mentor those who were meant to let their musical voice shine and have a story to tell. This week I have 3 new students signed up - from Washington, Chicago and North Carolina, and one from New Zealand. Three adults! Plus a 10 year old girl. Thank you Kelly Riordan for your guidance, I'm so over the moon! Plus learning new things all the time.

Company name
Dec 16, 2022

This Friday I am taking off a full week thanks to the flat rate program I implemented from this program! It's the first of many weeks off and I am so thankful to be able to rest and recharge. It's so nice to have these in place. I never was able to take time off before. Also, after a slow month of consultations I got two sign ups this past week! Thanks Kelly Riordan and everyone in this community for your support!

Company name
Dec 16, 2022

It’s been quite the hectic process moving out-of-state. I had a few private students drop since I was moving, so I was left with 3 online students after arriving in Texas. With the help of this program I’ve doubled my student roster from 3 to 6, and more-than-doubled my income in less than 2 weeks! Starting small but feeling very motivated! Thanks for all you do Kelly Riordan!

Company name
Dec 16, 2022

Just accepted my first new student at my new, higher rate and they were very enthusiastic--and they signed on for an hour-long lesson instead of the 45-minute lesson that I had anticipated! So excited!

Company name
Dec 16, 2022

Still shook from doing my finances this coming month - $6,000 and 18 active students. I turned off all alerts on my devices this week, wow, what a difference. I have never felt so true to my purpose in life as I do each day now. If I can crawl out of $20,000 in debt doing what I love & now SAVING???!!!! you can too. Work the Kelly program, it works if you work it. So work it, YOU'RE WORTH IT!

Company name
Dec 16, 2022

I have LOTS of wins to post! I made my largest ever instrument sale last week! Which has resulted in another instrument on consignment to sell! I’m fully booked for my preschool lesson slots at this point. I’ve interviewed another teacher, and if all goes well I will hire her and already have 2 trials booked for her. I LOVE how my business is growing right now and I’m so happy with the way my work flow looks! Thank you Kelly!

Company name
Dec 16, 2022

Hi everyone! I would like to say a big thanks to Kelly Riordan for your precious time and valuable suggestions. Since we started this program together a month ago, I have 3 new students registered, 4 pending students, I also got a school reply today. Looking forward to more big moves in the future!

Company name
Dec 16, 2022

I have 7 trial lessons scheduled from now until next Thursday. And still getting emails and FB messages coming in. I'm already making in 3 days per week what I used to make hustling in my 5 day public school job. During that time in my life I still had side gigs and side hustles and other jobs to pay the bills. Grateful to be here. Self-investment is the best thing you can do!!!!

Company name
Dec 16, 2022

Yesterday I received a website contact form submission from a potential adult student in my area that found me solely just by her doing research looking for teachers in her area. This is the first lead like this I have received! We are setting up a consultation for next week.

Company name
Dec 16, 2022

Had a new student sign up for lessons today, and the parents chose to prepay for six months of lessons with no qualms about my new summer lesson policy (I've been rehearsing the conversation about summer tuition not being adjusted for absences).

Company name
Dec 16, 2022

Just had my first two consults and both students are signing up on a monthly flat rate! I'm so excited. One is a young student and the other is a professional actor who found me on Instagram. Thank you Kelly for providing such valuable information and for everyone in the group for creating such a supportive community.

Company name
Dec 16, 2022

Just got off the phone with someone who had reached out via my Facebook Page and I will be teaching her daughter piano starting next month! I will be doing a trial period for a Mom of 3 for piano lessons as well. I may be overwhelmed a bit, but I am thankful for this group so much!

Company name
Dec 16, 2022

I just had my first sign up at the price I wanted to charge when I first started with you when you said, 'in an ideal world, what would you charge?' The sky is the limit. Feeling like a boss today. Thank you! — feeling positive.

Company name
Dec 16, 2022

I was so nervous to approach band directors for money but this is my second yes today! Still some things to work out - but they are willing. Be brave and make the asks. Friends!

Company name
Dec 16, 2022

Because of the additional income Kelly has helped me create, I got my car inspected today, new brakes, oil change and didn't have to worry about where the money was coming from! What a great feeling!

Company name
Dec 16, 2022

Gave my first consultation on Friday to a local family that contacted me through my website. I booked them for hour lessons at my new rate! It was a fun consultation too!

Company name
Dec 16, 2022

Hi all! I just wanted to share some wins I've had thus far. Since starting 3 weeks ago I've gained two students, with two more prospective students in the works, had one school visit (virtually) and have two more virtual school visits planned!

Company name
Dec 16, 2022

Hey everyone! I just wanted to say to Kelly Riordan thank you for the past 4 weeks. Ever since i started with her, I have onboarded 5 new students. Ive had at least 4 new inquiries over the weekend. Already started the schedule sending today morning! Cannot wait to kick start this and build my independence!

Company name
Dec 16, 2022

I just wanted to send you a quick message of gratitude. Today I met my goal of $5k/month (after processing fees!), and I just can't even believe it! I couldn't have done it without you. Thanks again for all your help, guidance, and support.

Company name
Dec 16, 2022

I just wanted to send you a quick message of gratitude. Today I met my goal of $5k/month (after processing fees!), and I just can't even believe it! I couldn't have done it without you. Thanks again for all your help, guidance, and support.

Company name
Dec 16, 2022
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How Miriam established confidence and collected $7k of new revenue in 90 days.
How Max was able to leave three jobs and create a full-time studio in 6 months.
How Mandy added 17 summer lesson students in 7 weeks.
How Megan created $30k of teaching revenue in 6 months.
How Tina grew her private studio to replace her income from her teaching job in just 6 weeks.
How Dan created 5 referral partnerships to grow his private studio in just 6 weeks.

$99/mo or $999/yr

Solo: for individual private lesson teachers

Outside The Bachs: Solo provides a solid foundation for musicians in the early stages of studio development, and more established studios looking to refine their structure. Solo is the best fit for those who enjoy a self-directed pace with their growth.

Meetups Hosted by Outside The Bachs Certified Coaches (who also run full studios)

Community Forum

Group Challenges

Video Training

Everything in Solo has been previously sold at $3500 (but we are making it more accessible)

Inquire for Pricing

Scale: Our flagship program

Outside The Bachs: Scale Provides hands-on support and accountability for studios at any stage. Individual studio owners who value frequent check-ins, direct access to Kelly and customized support will appreciate the fast growth Scale provides. Studio owners looking to Scale by hiring or expanding their studio offers will enjoy thorough guidance.

Live Q&As with Outside The Bachs certified coaches (who also run full studios)

Personalized Strategy & Action Plan with Private Onboarding

Weekly Data Collection & Review

Private Facebook Group

Additional Training, Templates, Trackers, and Resources

Inquire for Pricing

Suite: Multi-teacher studios & conservatories

Custom Packages Available

On-Site Support Available

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