How Becky doubled her studio revenue in 3 months to become fully self-employed.

Case Study

November 9, 2021

“...I have a larger referral network.. so I feel good that I have somewhere to send them, we’re all mutually benefiting from referring to each other.. It feels good that I’ve set the boundary because I know that there are enough students out there. I think sometimes the trap we fall into is if I don’t take this student, I’m not going to have enough students and I’m not going to have enough work and I better just accommodate them and so setting that boundary has helped so much…”

In less than three months, Becky was able to:

  • Create an asynchronous lesson program
  • Pre-register 5 students before the launch date
  • Double her studio revenue
  • Fill her private studio and build a waitlist
  • Leave her job and stop teaching for another studio
  • Create a 3-day work week for herself
  • Automate processes to keep her business consistent and efficient

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