How Chaz added 14 new clarinet students

Case Study

October 21, 2022

“It was a lot of work but the really great thing about it is now I have complete control over everything in my studio and I’m able to tweak things when they need to be tweaked. I’m able to solve problems and to be solved. I just feel like I have a lot more resources for finding students, dealing with issues that come up, scheduling issues, payment issues, building relationships with band directors, all that stuff. I on my own now which is the real value in everything that we’ve gone over in the last few months..”

In the past 5 months Chaz has: 

  • Created referral partnerships with schools in his local area
  • Restructured his scheduling & tuition policies
  • Implemented automation to reduce his admin time
  • Added 14 new clarinet students
  • Increased his rates by ~30%

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