How Homero increased his monthly studio revenue from $1000 USD to $4500

Case Study

March 22, 2022

“My time is more effective and I’m completely stress relieved… now in the last eight months I’ve seen a complete change not only in my schedule but in the income and time effectiveness..”

Homero decided it was time to build a private studio in 2021. His first move was to hire a local agency that helped him run ads. He was excited that those ads enrolled a few students in his area, but was still looking for an opportunity to increase his rates. Those students weren’t willing to pay what Homero hoped to make.

Homero knew that an online studio that served students outside his local area could be the perfect solution - but the ads weren’t working abroad. 

Through organic outreach targeted towards his ideal student, Homero has increased his monthly studio revenue from $1000 USD to $4500 USD over the past 8 months and has scaled back his academy teaching job significantly. 

In this interview, Homero shares exactly how he was able to create freedom and security for his family while creating a business he absolutely loves.

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