How Jules rebuilt her studio with over 100 new students in the past 6 months as a single mom.

Case Study

February 20, 2023

“It was hard for me to put up my prices that felt really scary because I was nervous, I was gonna miss out on a lot of students but I also really felt confident that I could provide a really good experience for those students and so I just kind of practiced saying it and you know this is the cost and without feeling guilty about something and in turn people have been happy to pay for the experience that I provide.”

Jules' story is pure inspiration. As a single mom, she was determined to establish a stable income quickly to support her family. Time was tight, but she worked efficiently to create her studio and scale it through new class programs and student-centered marketing. 

In just five and a half months, Jules has added:

  • 21 private lesson students
  • 17 group class students
  • Over 80 preschool class students
  • Almost 4k/mo in new recurring revenue, bringing her monthly income to over $5k/month

She also built a tuition system that gives her 10 weeks off each year, giving her the flexibility she needs to spend time with her children.

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